van Loben Sels Cellars

Like Arbor Crest wines?  You’ll love our “new” extended family!

van Löben Sels Cellars Wines

Three new premium wines from van Löben Sels Cellars

The families of Jim van Loben Sels and wife Kristina Mielke van Loben Sels have been in the wine business for multiple generations. Both Jim and Kristina are individually talented and dedicated winemakers who met at the University of California at Davis — Kristina earned her degree in Fermentation Science and Jim’s degree is in Agricultural Economics with a Viticulture emphasis. Their Arbor Crest partnership allows him to focus on the fruit in the vineyard while she devotes herself to the wine making process.

Now, as Arbor Crest approaches its 30th Anniversary, the return of an old family label creates a new chapter in their legacy. Back in 1969, Jim’s family released the original (and long-dormant) van Löben Sels label in California. Today, Jim, Kristina, and their three children are re-introducing the wines of van Löbel Sels Cellars. Their prized vines, much like their family, have established deep roots in Washington State, culminating in the release of three “new” wines that are not necessarily so new after all.

Family. Tradition. Impeccable wines. These are the cornerstones of van Löbel Sels Cellars. Experience enduring passion reignited for a new millennium — experience van Loben Sels Cellars and the newest addition to our family of unique handcrafted wines.