Where do I get Concert tickets?

Concerts are general admission, payable at the gate (cash, Visa or MasterCard): $12 on Sundays, $6 on Thursdays. You can also buy a shareable, transferable Punch card that offers $120 in admissions for just $96 (available in the Tasting Room). We also offer single tickets for advance purchase — perfect for gifts and date night surprises! 

Is reserved seating available? 

Yes, reserved table seats are available, and include table-side service for your food and beverage orders. To make a reservation, call (509) 927-9463 with a Visa or MasterCard — a minimum of 48 hours before the show. Reserved seating is limited, and can fill up quickly depending on band, weather and other factors — please reserve your table seating as far in advance as possible. Reservation fees are $36 for 4, $54 for 6, $72 for 8 and $90 for 10, plus tax (fees and tax are in addition to admission).  

On Sundays, the reserved tables are on the “Croquet Court,” a paved area under open sky just across from the mansion. It is surrounded by low rock walls and offers a great view of the stage.

On Thursdays, reserved table seating is conveniently located in the shaded grass areas near the Tasting Room.

Reserved seats are assigned in the order they are received; specific table sites are not available.

May we bring our own seating?

Yes, blankets and portable lawn chairs are encouraged. 

What time should we arrive to stake out a good spot?

The Estate opens at noon; concert security and admission begins approximately two hours prior to the performances. For general admission, it is up to each individual to decide how far in advance of a show you’d like to come up and enjoy the grounds. The music can be heard throughout the Estate, and there are plenty of shady spots, but with varying degrees of stage visibility. Please be considerate of other attendees and refrain from saving large areas for friends “coming later”.

I’m a Wine Club member — how do I get my free Concert admissions?

Under the VIP Guest Tent, just inside the admission gate, there will be greeter with a list of Wine Club member names. An attendance tally is kept to track your $72 in complimentary concert entries, available to use for yourself and guests. 

Are minors allowed? 

"Wouldn’t it be okay to bring my baby? Or our teenager who takes music lessons from one of the band members?" 

NO. Unfortunately, due to legal and liability reasons, we are unable to allow minors of any age on the premises during concerts. (Limited exceptions are available for private hosted events where additional security is available, such as weddings.) The age restriction covers not just the Tasting Room, but the entire Winery Estate grounds. Thank you for your understanding.

Will concerts be cancelled if the weather is bad?

Concerts are not called off due to unseasonable conditions. In the event of inclement weather, the performance moves under the Vineyard Tent, providing 5,000 sq. ft. of shelter while retaining light, views, space to sit, enjoy the music, and dance if desired! However, concerts may be cancelled due to severe air quality alerts caused by wildfire smoke.

What beverages are available? May we bring our own?

We offer wine by the glass, flight and bottle ($7-$18/glass, $10-$16/flight, $17-$65/bottle). We also have several beers on tap, handcrafted by Square Wheel Brewing ($6.50/16oz). A variety of bottled water and soft beverages are also available.

Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages with you. Alcohol consumed on the Winery grounds must be purchased onsite, as required by the Washington State Liquor Board (WAC 314-24/RCW 66-04-0III). No other beer, wine or spirits are permitted anywhere on the grounds (including the parking lot) and will be confiscated. For everyone's safety and protection, our Security Ambassadors check all coolers and bags at the gate.

Please feel free to bring your own unopened water and soft drinks in commercially sealed cans or plastic bottles.  

Is there food available? May we bring our own?

The Tasting Room menu offers a range of selections, from snack mix to the makings for a picnic. As we move into the peak of summer, food is also available from stations by the Cliff House and under the Vineyard Tent during Sunday Concerts (the food truck from Mixed Plate or an alternate vendor is also onsite for Sundays). You are always welcome to bring your own picnic fare and non-alcohol beverages (in unopened, commercially sealed containers only); all containers are subject to inspection.

May I bring a camp stove? Or a small citronella candle?

No open flames are allowed. Other prohibited items include firearms, fireworks and barbecues.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is permitted only in a “Designated Smoking Area” near the admission gate. Use of cannabis is not permitted anywhere on the Estate grounds.

May I bring my pet?

No. Only documented service animals are allowed.

What about parking?

There is ample free parking in our gravel lot, and parking attendants are on hand as needed to direct cars efficiently and safely. There are no spaces for RVs/trailers. Designated handicapped spaces are located right by the admission area.

How do we get to the Cliff House?



Thank you for sharing a bit of your summer with us! Please have a designated driver and come again!